Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 10: J is for Joy

   Life is a gift. It's a beautiful blessing. But it's no secret that sometimes it gets hard. We all have crosses, we all have burdens. Parents divorce. Jobs get taken away. Loved ones get sick. Boyfriends leave. Friends turn their backs. Life can seem like it's personally out to get you. After a while, we can start to think that even God doesn't care anymore.
   It's times like these that we have a choice: we can choose sadness and pain, or we can choose trust and joy. We can choose to put our faith in our Father in heaven, who loves us so very much. We can choose to trust that He has a plan for us, that there truly is wonderful joy ahead. We can choose to view life as the blessing it is. We can choose to believe that even our struggles are shaping who we're supposed to become.
   How will you choose joy today?

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