Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 13: M is for Magic

   We live in an imperfect world. It's full of anger, malice, greed, and unhappiness. But sometimes we get so focused on the bad things in life, that we forget about the good. Focusing on the bad is never going to change anything. We must learn to recognize magic.
    Magic. It's a word that ignites the soul and makes the heart long for something greater. Sometimes we get so worn down that we don't realize our lives are dripping with it. Magic is the feeling we get when we hold a baby for the first time. It's mixed in with the sound of breathless laughter. It fertilizes wildflowers and it paints sunsets. It's the yearning to hug longer and speak kinder. Everything good and beautiful and happy is magic. We just need to recognize it.
   Where is the magic in your life?

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