Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 26: Z is for Zeal

   Finally! I've made it! Welcome to my last post of the A-Z Challenge, where I'll be talking about zeal.
   You've probably realized by now that I really love life. I think it's important for everyone to love their lives, and to live them to the fullest, because that's what zeal really is. Zeal is taking life's reigns, handing them over to God, and saying, "Here You go. You know what's best for me. Help me to live it out."
   To be fully Alive, you must embrace the Beauty that makes you you. You must be Courageous. You must Delight in the little things. You must strive for Elegance. You must be a Firework. You must learn to be Grateful for everything, even your crosses. You must be Humble. You must learn to use your Imagination. You must learn to be Joyful and Kind at all times. You must think Lovely thoughts. You must learn to recognize the Magic around you. You must go deeper than simply being a "Nice" Christian. You must fall in love with your Originality. You must acknowledge your Passions, and use them. You must become a Quantrelle, the woman God made you to be. You must strive for true Romance. You must be the Sunshine in someone's cloudy day. You must find your Team. You must accept the beauty of Uniqueness. You must understand your Value. You must be like a Wildflower, and grow where you are planted. You must stand up for what you believe in, like Malcolm X says. You mustn't let anyone tell you you're too Young to be important to the world. Only then will you live a truly Zealous life.

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