Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 5: E is for Elegance

   You hear it all the time. Spiteful, bitter girls complaining and venting. In the school bathrooms, at parties, after seeing a particularly romantic movie. Where are all the gentlemen?
   Many girls so desperately want to be loved that they go from one catastrophic relationship to the next, always eventually being abandoned, broken and empty, wondering if there are any good guys left. After a while, when no prince charming comes to sweep them off their feet, they may lose hope and write all men off as being jerks (or other words that I would get yelled at by my mom for saying).
   Here's the thing: my favorite (fictional) English teacher once said, "We accept the love we think we deserve." Girls, you have to know your worth. You are radiant daughters of God! You are royal; you are princesses who deserve your prince. Often when we forget to whom we belong, we forget how precious we are.
   Every girl deserves a gentleman, but in order to attract a gentleman, you must first be a lady.
  Whatever happened to class? Sophistication? Elegance? Where are the Audrey Hepburns and Grace Kellys of this generation? I know that it's not realistic to ask teenage girls to wear shin-length dresses and have tea parties everyday, but that's not all that elegance is.
   According to Google, elegance is
the quality of being graceful and stylish in both appearance and manner. Dressing nicely and looking your best is important, but none of that matters if your attitude isn't ladylike.
Girls, throwing yourselves at guys in the hopes of being fulfilled isn't elegant.
Dressing inappropriately in order to get attention from guys isn't elegant (trust me, you will get attention. But not the kind you deserve).
Laughing off sexual harassment and rude jokes because you don't want to "look like a prude" isn't elegant.
Making fun of other girls girl definitely isn't elegant.
You know what is always elegant?
   Ladies, become the woman of your dreams, and you will attract the man of your dreams.


  1. PREACH! Another home-run by the fabulous Anna. Love it, thank you for your wisdom.

    1. No, thank YOU for being my constant cheerleader! :)