Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 14: N is for "Nice"

   There are many rules that come to mind when you think of being a Christian. You have to be loving. You have to give to the poor. You have to go to church. You have to be "nice." While none of these things are bad, and they certainly are important for Christians, many people are focusing too much on the rules and are forgetting what Christianity really is.
   It's not just about being a nice person. It's about completely abandoning yourself to Christ. It's about recognizing that He is your Savior. It's about allowing Him to become your best friend. It's about doing His will always, because you know it's what is going to lead to eternal happiness. When you stop stressing about the "rules" and focus more on falling in love, being a nice person is going to come a lot easier.

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