Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 15: O is for Originality

   Today's world is obsessed with "being yourself." This is a big improvement, because for a long time everyone thought they had to be this fake kind of perfect. Now people are starting to understand that it's okay (not just okay, but necessary) to be different. To let all your flaws hang out. To love yourself regardless of what sets you apart.
    I loved the new mindset that everyone seemed to have, so what did I do? I decided to be myself.
   Then the world said, "No, not that self. That self is too normal. Normal is boring. Being weird is so much better. Go dye your hair a crazy color or something. Stop being so quiet. You don't need to be shy. You don't need to be prim and proper. Go wild. What do you mean, you aren't comfortable with that? Just do whatever makes you happy. Be a jerk if you need to. Stop being so tame. Stop. Stop. You're so boring. Stop. Just be yourself!!!"
   Because of all of this, I started hating myself. You see, I absolutely love quirky people. And the world that is so obsessed with "originality" made me feel like I wasn't quirky enough. Because I wasn't crazy, I was boring. I bought into the "fake kind of perfect" game that never really did go away, just took a different name.
   I guess all I want to say is this: being yourself means actually being yourself, not being who the world tells you to be.
   So here's to the shy, quiet girls who don't always want to be crazy and wild. Guess what? You're still beautiful.

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